Experimentations and old versions

This is a list (which I will constantly update) of audio experiments, previous versions of completed things and other various audio tidbits I want to share. 

Note that whatever here is tagged as a draft, test or previous version is not a finished product and does not reflect my standard of quality for completed songs.


2022-04-01:   JOURNEY ON ALISA 3 – 2012

I was never satisfied with my “Journey on Alisa 3” remix, so in 2012, I attempted an overhaul.  It failed.  But hey, doesn’t mean you can’t listen to it!


Here’s an old first draft of “Access Denied”, when I still wanted to make it a slow paced, trance mix.

2022-03-30:  CRYOSLEEP TEASER!

Quick teaser for my upcoming “Dreaming in Cryosleep” PSII-PSIV remix.