Other Nekoprism Remixes

A request from my friend Kayle, this is my first official FF musical remix.

Four Fiends and Zeromus, two of the best themes from one of the best FF games: Final Fantasy 4!

Behold, my hairy face! 

I sing opera as a hobby, no pretense at talent, I just enjoy it.

What better internet debut than this epic classic? 

Final Fantasy 6 was quite a game for its time!

Babylon 5 is my favorite TV show ever and its music was one of the best assets!

This is my tribute to this universe I love. 

This is a song I always liked and wanted to try:

The Password theme from Faxanadu on the NES.

Now with twice the piano and me playing the flute!


A remix of “Bared Fangs”, the battle theme in Tales of Destiny on the original Playstation.

With a military march twist!