Phantasy Star Remix Roadmap

Phantasy Star Remix Roadmap

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Phantasy Star 

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star III

Phantasy Star IV 

Somewhere in 2010 on another Phantasy Star forum I used to visit, I listed  most of the tracks from all four classic PS games and what were my remixing intentions regarding them.

I was curious to see where this list stood in 2023 so, here’s a nice set of neatly sorted pages for the curious.

They don’t load very fast, this is a free hosting, graciously granted by a friend so, I’m not complaining.

Let’s also keep in mind that in 2010 I was in my early 30s and um… a bit more abrasive. Thankfully, people evolve!

All images used in the subsequent pages: curtesy of AI art made by LuneFox.