Original Nekoprism music index

Angel’s Mercy  (2010)

I was sure this had already been uploaded. Oh well, here it is! 

This is a song made for mood for one of my Dungeons and Dragons game from forever ago. 

Neko wrote the chords, orchestrated a bit. I added the voices, expanded on the theme and there you go, one big epic original. 

This is an adaptation of our “Dream” melody. This time, it is a wholesome mix of classical and electro and it reflects love and closeness, as it was written by my good friend Neko to be played at my wedding.

It was a treat to hear this in a cathedral, thanks forever, my friend!

A new project! I decided to revisit this song with Reason 12.0 . Using only newer modules and trying to improve my way of doing things, this baby was born.  

Bonus: very first song to benefit from my drum set!

I originally wanted to surprise Neko with this. (And I did!).  This is a full orchestration using Reason 2.0 (or maybe 4.0, it’s fuzzy at this point.)  

It was one of my first solo project that wasn’t a game remix so, don’t expect stellar quality, but it’s still quite fun to listen to!

The very first song I heard from Neko when I met him . It marked me for life, it was my introduction to the Demoscene and Tracker genre and I will love it forever.

Awaken  (2001)

The second song ever completed by Nekoprism in our very early years, it’s a bit on the techno side with some classical instruments.  

To this day, it’s probably still my favorite Nekoprism original.

Sons of Power  (2002 or 2003)

Our  first narrative ever, originally written for piano by Neko,  adapted  for Reason.

This was  the theme for the main characters in the first fanfic I have ever written which I would never, not ever post to the internet.

I was 22, better leave it there 🙂

Part of the Dream Project, this is our “80’s rock” version of the melody behind the dream project.

And it rocks.

Ascension    (2004)

Another favorite of mine; for the longest time, it was “the 5 minutes song with a 5 minutes intro” but we finally managed to make it stand on its own.

Lovely piece, really.

Undreamed      (2003)


One day, Neko told me “The dream melody can’t be adapted to fast-paced techno, it’s too melodic.

I love a challenge.

Part of the Dream Project, this is our “High Energy Techno” version of the melody behind the dream project.